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Who are we?

We are a team of professional translators and interpreters with many years of practice accumulated in the most diverse fields. We are most experienced in the juridical field in general and we specialise in human rights in particular.

We also accumulate many years of experience in technical translations/interpretations, as well as in such work related with import and export activities.

The fact that we work as a team guarantees that there is no task beyond our capacity. In case of need we can outsource to other professionals with protracted careers whom we know personally, with an absolute guarantee in terms of quality.

We work in English, Spanish, French and Basque, but do not doubt to contact us for projects in other languages.

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Legal translations

Legal translations have their special difficulties. Especially when such translations are also between different legal systems, such as the anglo-saxon common law syetem, and the legal system based on the Roman Law tradition in force in continental Europe.

In these cases translators often need to translate legal systems before translating the respective languages. Our team has a prolonged experience in this field.

Our team of translators and interpreters is also specialised in human rights-related issues, as they have worked in organisations and institutions in which human rights are the core of their activities.

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Technical translations

Quality technical translations guarantee good performances in machines, quality system or production lines.

Our team has also translated practically everything in the field of technical translations, from a Maintenance Handbook for the a lift motor gearbox all the way to the customer’s technical specifications or engineering constraints for die sets in stamping.

Although we do have access to the best technical glossaries, we always prefer to maintain a fluid contact with the customer so the customer can point out the terminology used in the particular segment of activity he or she works in.

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Commercial translations

The objective of commercial translations is to facilitate the whole of the process of commercial transactions both in purchases and sales and in export and import operations.

Our team has a prolonged experience helping companies in their communications by email with potential customers and suppliers, in carrying out offers and quotes, in all of the formalities related with import and export operations outside the European Union and in everything related with drawing up budgets and after-sales service.

We have also translated and facilitated the underwriting of numerous contracts with all kinds of companies.

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A good interpreter manages to make communication and the exchange of proposals flow as smoothly and accurately as possible.

Our team works in both simultaneous and consecutive translation sessions. And our interpreters have worked in all of the fields of activity we have described in this website.

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In order to get in touch with us, please e-mail us at or fill in the form in this very page.

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You can also contact us through the following telephone number: +34 658 750 866